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PRANAVADIPA: Volume 12, 2015


The Table of Contents

Vol. 49 — Vol. 60

VOL 60: 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2019
True Existence—There is Only That!
• The Way of Life in Accordance with Dharma
• The Illogical Nature of the World and Karma
• Thorough and Complete Discrimination
• Proceed Forth Boldly and Dynamically
• The Existence that is the Eternal Existence
Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sanatana 2015
• Admiration-Based Faith Turns into the Impetus for Striving
• Believing in God = Believing in Oneself


VOL 59: 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York, 2019
• Regarding Asana Practice, Chakra and the Physical Body
• Train Yourself by Training the Mind
• How Serious are You?
• Yoga and its Path: the Ways of Reaching the Aim
• Deepening on the Path of Yoga
Can Help You Clarify Decisions in Life
• The Right Practice for Working in Service of Others
• Causality in the Mind and the Physical Body
• The View of Sex in Yoga
• The Ultimate Essence of Tantra
• The Master’s Childhood
• “To Die Every Moment” as Sadhana
is to Eliminate the Activity of the Mind
• The Essence of Religion
• How to Find Peace
Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Masami Yamaguchi 2019
• Guidance From the Drum!


VOL 58: September 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York, 2019
• Coming Out of One's Own Mind-World
• Train the Mind Through Practicing Karma Yoga
• To Know “Who am I?” is of the Utmost Importance
for Every Human Being
• Get Rid of a Small Dream and Have a Big Dream
• “Everything is Sorrow for the Wise”
• The Essence of the Self Can Only be Experienced
After Breaking Apart One's Own Identity
• Learn the Truth:
Positive Thinking Alone Does Not Resolve Anything
• The True Aim of Tantra
Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Zao Yuan, Yogadanda 2019
• The Words of the Master that Removed My Jealousy
• Direct Guidance of the Master


VOL 57: August 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2011
• Discrimination: Face and Overcome Your Fears
• Seeing Atman in Others
• Discrimination: the Way of Proactive Discipline
• Meditation Must be Done with Such Power
that It Can Penetrate Thousands of Lifetimes
• Purity and Ishvara
• Bhakti Yoga: the Practice of Discrimination in Meditation
Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Madhri 2019
• To Realize the Truth:
The Practice of Discrimination and Renunciation are Required


VOL 56: July 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2011, 2012
• Yama and Niyama and the Withdrawal of the Senses
• The Restraint of Deeds, Words, and Thoughts
into Those that Demonstrate Your Passion for Satori
• How to Listen
• Buddha’s Silence
• Train the Mind Moment by Moment to End Its Dependency
• The True Meaning of Kriya Yoga
• Tapas is Brahman
• The Essence and Spirit of Renunciation
• True Existence and the True Aspect of the World
• The Actions Prescribed for Yoga Practitioners

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Karuna 2019
• Letting Go of the Mind’s “Me” Bit by Bit


VOL 55: June 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2002, 2008
• The Meaning of Duty in Yoga—Karma Yoga
• The Meaning of “Fulfilling One’s Duty” in the Bhagavad Gita
• The Meaning of “Do Your Best”
• The Meaning of Devoted Service
• The Meaning of Conquering Duality Through Asana
• The Meaning of Studying the Sacred Scripture

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sanatana 1999
• The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path


VOL 54: May 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York, 2019
• This is Yoga!
• The Three Great Treasures Taught by Shankaracharya
• To Remove Karma, Remove the Cause
• To Experience the Truth is to Experience
What’s Beyond the Phenomena of the World
• Lila
• Past Lives
• Conquer the Mind with Steady Practice and Pure Faith
• Truth is One
• Meditation on Death
• Truth is One but is Expressed Variously
• Wanting to be Loved vs True Love

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Anandi 2019
• Latu, who was Guided by
Shri Ramakrishna to Become a Servant of God


VOL 53: April 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2019
Words from the Direct Teaching Class
[Asana and Meditation with the Master]: January 12, 2019

• The Essence of Yoga

The Master's Teachings from the Satsangha
that Followed the Class: January 12, 2019

• Certain Reality
• Seeking the True Self is the Reason for Being Born
• Divine Guidance from the Guru

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Satya 2019
• The Real Joy of Bhakti


VOL 52: March 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York, 2019
• Tapas
• Yama and Niyama:
The Concrete Way of Strengthening Your Will
for the Realization of Truth
• “Life is Suffering”
• What is Ego? What is the Self?
• The Mind and Ego are to be Used as the Tools of the Self
• Have Urgency to Realize the Truth
• The Work of the Mission Leads to Meditation
• Bringing the Mind to Solitude Results in Fortitude
• Practice Simply, Without Attachments to the Result

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sadhya 2017
• Simhasana: the Lion Pose


VOL 51: February 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Taipei, 2018
• The Path of Yoga and the Path of Karma
• The Only One Reality
• The Objects of Meditation
• Aim for the World of Truth

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Yoga Circle in
Matsuyama, 2018

• Satsangha with a Disciple of Shri Mahayogi


VOL 50: January 2019
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Matsuyama, 2018
• True Freedom and Bliss
• The Biggest Aim in Life
• Independent Self-Existence
• Serving the People Who are Close to You
• The Four Noble Truths
• Awakening into True Existence
• Passion and Action Without Contradiction
• Cultivating One’s Fortitude
• The Filial Relationship and the Relationship
Between Guru and Disciple

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sadhya, 2017
• The Time for Practicing Asana


VOL 49: December 2018
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto, 2017
• Direct Intuitive Knowledge, the Purification
of the Mind, and Its Essential Practices
• The Subtle Practice of Discrimination Within Your Mind
• The Direct Route to Satori

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Harshani, 2018
• Congratulatory Speech at Shri Mahayogi’s Jayanti, 2018





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