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“As a ripple on the surface of the lake
does not reflect the true form of the moon,
the stirrings of our mind veil the Truth.
If we
still the waves of the mind through Yoga,
the True Self emerges alone.” 

Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa



The MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSION of New York City was established by disciples in 1996 to disseminate the Universal Teachings of Yoga—the Realization of the True Self—as preached by the living Master, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, and by sages and saints throughout time immemorial.

With Self-Realization being its ultimate aim, the Mahayogi Yoga Mission offers programs and activities which serve to cultivate knowledge and deepen the understanding and practice of Yoga in its original and most authentic form, while making this approach practicable in the modern age. It is by the grace of Shri Mahayogi that all of this has been made possible, and it is Shri Mahayogi himself who is the inspiration behind all the activities of the Mission.


As the disciples and devotees of the MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSION, we are united in our commitment to live out and spread the teachings of Truth (Dharma) as preached by Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa (Buddha). Sangha, the community of practitioners, connected through the Buddha and Dharma (which are collectively known as the "Three Treasures"), comes together regularly to practice, to study and to strive together to actualize the teachings for the purpose of deepening our practice and our understanding. In daily interactions with one another we strive for the utmost courtesy and respect, and embrace the responsibility to create the conditions that best support each other in our efforts to realize the Truth. This support is essential in order to grow on the path toward Self-Realization.

Sangha takes on the responsibility of preserving and disseminating the Master’s words of Truth by ensuring that their true meaning is not lost, diluted or altered. Sangha also bears the primary responsibility for the financial resources of the Mission. The work and the contributions made by Sangha are not undertaken merely for personal liberation, but rather with an awareness of the importance of establishing Sanatana Dharma in this age and for future generations.


If one is serious about achieving mastery in any field, it is absolutely necessary to find a great teacher to show the way. Self-Realization is no exception. One who aspires to follow the true path that culminates in Self-Realization must seek out a teacher who has attained that state through direct experience and thus knows how to lead others to It, even in the subtlest of ways. That teacher alone, the one who is established in the state of Self-Realization, is qualified to teach Yoga.

The word ‘guru’ has traditionally been used in India to respectfully refer to a father or teacher figure, regardless of what they may teach. On the path of Self-Realization, the teacher who guides the disciples is considered to be a spiritual father and is respectfully called Guru. In this sense, ‘Guru’ refers to the teacher who is established in Self-Realization and means “the one who dispels darkness,” the original significance of the word in Sanskrit. When one comes to understand that no lasting satisfaction can be found in worldly matters and seriously seeks the Truth, one will be led to one’s Guru. Through the grace of the Guru, the light of Truth dispels the darkness of ignorance and enables one to awaken to True Existence.


If seekers who yearn to know the Truth recognize that the Truth they seek cannot be found in worldly phenomena; if they are determined to work on gaining control of the mind and have the fortitude to persevere in the practice, then their passion for Truth will be heightened such that the mind will become prepared for discipleship.

Compelled by the conviction that the realization of the True Self is the only worthwhile aim in life, the seeker places his or her full trust in the Guru. Once the readiness to receive the teachings and be guided toward Awakening has been attained and demonstrated, an unbreakable spiritual bond is formed between the Guru and disciple, a bond that transcends time and space. The disciple then vows to realize the Truth and to work tirelessly out of devotion towards establishing and continuing the mission of the Guru.

It is with great humility and the deepest sense of respect that the disciple approaches the Guru, for it is solely through the depth of this affinity with the essence of the Divine that disciples may finally awaken to their very Self.



Shri Mahayogi’s visit to the US,
and the establishment of the MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSION

Excerpts from the prologue in Pranava Sara (only available in Japanese) by Anandamali about the experience of Shri Mahayogi’s first visit to NY and the subsequent establishment of the MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSSION.

Anandamali leads the Mahayogi Yoga Mission in New York. She directs all Mission activities, including classes, publication, translations, web content, sangha work. She hosts Shri Mahayogi’s during his residency in the United States.