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Real Practice Is In Daily Life

Translation of Shri Mahayogi’s words during a satsangha
at the Omega Institute, NY Aug 19, 2011

Q: About Enlightenment: I feel that we can understand from Shri Mahayogi’s words intellectually what it means, but please help me by addressing how to practically apply that word. I understand this is not just mental understanding, it has to be some type of transformation. Please explain how one can bring that about in one’s life.

Master: Exactly so. It is to eliminate the activities of the mind. The teachings of Yoga are concrete. Inevitably, everything has a cause. So-called karma is the reaping of the results of past actions. So then, what is the cause of karma? It is attachment to desires. What is the cause of desire? It is born out of ignorance of the world and one’s True Self. Yoga teaches the root cause of the error, as well as the Truth and the re-education of the mind. As has been said just now, Yoga must not be practiced merely intellectually. Yoga must be acquired and mastered experientially through actual practice using the body. It is said that the ego is one of the symbols of ignorance. When someone asks you to clean the bathroom or to make this room immaculate, quickly you become aggravated. Well, the measure of how deep your Yoga and its practice have become can be apparent in your daily life. The practices of asana and meditation that are done in solitude are like simple practice or rehearsal. What is truly important is how your Yoga deepens in dealing with society, with other people or creatures, and with the natural world. It is there you are tested, to find out how deep your Yoga has become. For this also, there is a practice called karma yoga. Karma yoga is about losing the ego and proactively and devotedly serving others. This, too, is a major work of Yoga. Then you will see the manifestation of God in everything, the manifestation of Truth. If you do so, then jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and all of the branches of Yoga will be established. Indeed, through action, through your conduct, practice Yoga. By doing so, the never-ending cycle of intellectual activity will come to an end.