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Shri Mahayogi Unveils the Mind
in His Teenage Years

Translation of Shri Mahayogi’s words during a satsangha in NY
September 10, 2011

Q: Shri Mahayogi, at the previous satsangha, you spoke briefly about how in your teenage years, there were some mysteries of the world that, by the time you were 19, you had resolved. If it’s appropriate, can you speak about what those mysteries were, and what was the resolution?

Master (After some pause): With all of us, it is so; various questions about the world arise during our teenage years. What is life? As long as we’re born, we will die one day; what does that mean? What is the relationship between life and death? Moreover, what is the cause and result of the mind that moves in such various ways? People become fascinated with something in the world, and live their life to achieve it. What is the meaning of what they achieve? Probably all of you have at one point thought about these things. I brought up every one of these issues, meditated upon them, and the result that came to me through penetrating their essence was that whatever arises in the mind has its cause in the mind. If there were no cause, there would be no thoughts, troubles or suffering. The conclusion I reached was that the mind must become empty, because the answer I derived from all these questions was the law of karma.

I also concluded that this world is maya, and [this conclusion came] since I already knew the Truth on the other hand. This Truth is neither something I acquired anew, nor mere intellectual knowledge, because it is my own essence, as well as the Truth of all beings and everything else. This body appears as just one material physically, and furthermore, it appears externally to be one among the many things in all creation. However, its external appearance has nothing to do with [its essence], because the external appearance changes constantly and will perish one day. But the Truth, the substance of appearance, will never perish. Using words I learnt later on, it is Atman, or Brahman, or God. That is the only existence, true Reality; that is the Eternal Existence. It is the true essence of myself, everyone and everything. I entered into this experience many times from the age of 8 to 10 years. That is why I am able to declare all of this. If one can make one’s own mind transparent, then the Reality that is within everyone will awaken. To make the mind transparent means solely to eliminate the error, which is the mind’s attachment toward the world. Indeed, that is the very reason why you must learn the Truth, and the teachings of the Truth. I am sure that it will resonate intuitively within the depths of your heart. And then, if you promptly clean out your mind, the Truth will be realized. Once this occurs, the world is no longer maya but becomes the divine play, lila. That was the result of intense meditation in my teenage years.