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Shri Mahayogi Speaks to a Soul

Translation of Shri Mahayogi’s words during a satsangha in New York
August 7, 2010

Present among the attendees today is a disciple’s 17 years old daughter. She has expressed a nihilistic viewpoint and does not have much hope for her future. Her father feels tremendously responsible for her and worries about her life. His worries never seem to leave him. The more difficult the relationship between father and teenage daughter becomes, the more anxiety he experiences.

Her father looked for an opportunity to bring his daughter to meet the Master, whom he regards as the embodiment of the Great Love. When his daughter asked him what he wanted as a father’s day present, he requested the gift of her time attending Shri Mahayogi’s satsangha.

Disciple: Sri Mahayogi, I brought my daughter to see you. She is sitting there.

(He introduces his daughter who is sitting on a chair in the back of the room directly in front of Shri Mahayogi’s line of vision.)

She is seventeen. She is just beginning to inquire what life is, and what it is about. And she is teaching me a lot of things about that. I wonder what can be said to someone who is starting their life, to follow a direction, or about what purpose life holds, and the problems it has. And I wonder if you can speak about that.

Master (to the daughter): Do you have any ideals or hopes for the future?

Daughter (in a flat manner): No.

Master: (laughing) Actually, I didn’t either when I was 17. I thought you would say that. That’s why I asked this question.

(Now speaking directly, with increasing power in his words.) Back then I thought that there was nothing in this world that I could aspire to, and that there was nothing in the world that I could use as a reference. But what was undeniable was that now I… am living in this flesh—this one fact. So then I determined that I’d make a decision about myself—whatever may become of me. It means that whatever happens, whether good or bad, it is completely my responsibility. Of course, I did not want to have bad results. I did not want to suffer (laughing). That doesn’t mean that I could do nothing. So then I put effort to do things that were good for me. Of course, it is all my responsibility whatever happens next as a result of my actions. If it did not go well, then my efforts were not enough. So I tried to find ways to improve and make further efforts. You can never escape from yourself. Nobody—only you can save yourself! That is why heightening yourself, improving yourself, becoming independent—set them as your ideals first.

(The daughter’s expression changes. Also, it is not only she who feels moved by the way Shri Mahayogi speaks to her—so seriously and sincerely from the heart. The force of his words and great spiritual energy spring from Shri Mahayogi directly to each one’s soul. It reaches many attendees, who turn inwards as his words penetrate deeply into their hearts. The space is vibrating with love and raw Truth, and a keen tension that has reached its highest peak.)

Master (continues): It does not matter what career you will have or what lifestyle you will lead, because they all will manifest as the results of your own actions. So then, trust that true sacred existence is within yourself (placing his hand on his chest). God is neither above the clouds nor in the end of the universe. (extending his arm) God is within your heart. It is the immortal Existence. It is the Pure Consciousness. That is the essence of everyone. People are suffering because they do not know that. If you have any interest, realize this simple thing, at least.