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True Solitude is True Independence

Translation of Shri Mahayogi’s words during a Satsangha in New York
July 10 and 24, 2010


Q: Why is it that when we know we have strong truthful experiences...why does that go into the background and the rest of the foolishness is what we love to do? What is the problem?

Master: That is because of your habitual sociability. 

Attainment of Satori happens in solitude. Solitude does not mean loneliness or lack of sociability. It is the moment when the mind becomes completely restrained then one’s True Self stands alone. If you can, create the moment so that you can awaken from suffering. 


Q: In the last Satsangha, we spoke a little bit about loneliness. Shri Mahayogi has spoken about how solitude is necessary. I think for anybody who begins to seek within themselves, there is a process of getting used to feeling loneliness or feeling solitude, which is a positive process. We are so used to constantly being stimulated by so many things, whether its people, events or other things, that it’s rare to know yourself in solitude. I feel that we have to learn this. I would like to know more about the process of embrace solitude in a positive way? 

Master:It is quite simple. 

First, believe that if the Truth, or Satori, existed in Buddha and Shri Ramakrishna, it also exists in you. Next, no matter how involved in the events in the world you may be, or how lonely you feel, know that it is up to you whether you make a situation better or worst. Whatever it is, you must become conscious that you stand on your own feet—independence! Mind is always depending on something. However, if you stand up trusting that the Truth is within you, gradually you will be able to gain strength. This resolution to be independent, whatever the conditions may be—losing a job, destruction of family or world changes—is a must. Truth does not escape anywhere, because it is within oneself. This resolution will strengthen your beliefs and will eventually transform into pure faith. What is necessary is action. By practicing it, the feeling of loneliness disappears. You will come nearer to Satori. And finally the True Self will be realized!