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Truth Must be Placed at the Center of Everything

Translation of Shri Mahayogi’s words during a satsangha
at the Omega Institute, NY Aug 20, 2011

Q: Many modern teachings are about how our thoughts create our reality. But when you talk about waking up from the dream [of maya], it seems that truth is beyond thought. So is this focus on positive thinking irrelevant, or unnecessary?

Master: It is necessary. But the issue lies in what is central to these thoughts. The world consists of physical materials. The mind, being caught up in the world, considers the world to be everything, and wishes it were eternal. That is an error. Not only that, but we must make the world better. At the same time, you must not be attached to it. To do so, you must place the Truth at the center of all. Truth is the existence that is everyone’s essence. You can call it God, or you can call it Atman as well. All creatures, having their own mind and body, exist in this world. What is unfortunate is that the mind has forgotten its essence. The most sacred work in this world is to know and realize that essence. Making the world better is the next task. Then the world becomes lila, more enjoyable—play.

 (After some silence) Perhaps you all know the word sannyasa or sannyasin. The literal translation is to be a hermit, or a person who has left worldly life. In ancient times, sannyasins renounced social life, went to a mountain, and did nothing but practice. But as long as the mind possesses a single attachment, even if one goes to the mountains, it will make no difference. On the contrary, if one is living among many others in society and holding a job without any attachment to anything, one is a great sannyasin. Sannyasin or sannyasa is an issue of the mind, and never of the environment or external appearance. That [living without attachment in society, serving selflessly] is also karma yoga. So we people of the current era must aggregate all the teachings of Yoga and demonstrate them in all settings. That much is certainly possible, even if you live in New York City.