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Messages from sangha in U.S.
for Shri Mahayogi's Jayanti 2012

Dear Shri Mahayogi,

I pray everyday to have the strength and determination to renounce the ego, renounce this material world and realize Truth as soon as possible so that I may serve you and all beings everywhere (God) with pure and true love, devotion and gratitude.

What else is this life really worth, if not this? I truly desire to remove all attachment and ego so that I may be a true servant of God and of Yoga. As I reflect on my life experiences thus far, I feel that although I have not been conscious of it, I have been moving or been being moved around in this world like a player, fulfilling different roles at different times in the world. I have been caught up in the play, thinking that I am the one playing… but I do not think that this is the case. I am being moved with the will and grace of God. And although the mind and the ego are so easily taken by the situational events of the play I yearn to be free of them, to surrender completely to the Divine so that the body, mind and soul may all be used in their purest forms as servants of the One.

I want nothing else in this world other than to realize Universal Truth and serve God. I devote this life to attaining That. May this life be devoted to serving You and true Yoga. Shri Mahayogi, I have total faith that with You guiding me, I will realize Truth, attain Satori. You are a Master beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Your consciousness feels infinite and your essence the most pure. I don’t know if anything that I can offer you can ever come close to what I am receiving through you, but I humbly offer up myself and whatever service that can come through me.

Thank you for your guidance, thank you for manifesting in this world, thank you for appearing to me in this life, thank you for accepting me as your disciple. Thank you for your unconditional love, your presence, your example of the teachings, and your infinite and divine grace.

If there is any occasion in this world that calls for joyous celebration, it is definitely your Jayanti!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa Ki, Jai!!!

With all of my love, gratitude and joy,


The only need for mankind that is truly universal is Spiritual Knowledge. All other problems we experience are worldly problems that come from Ignorance of the Self.

Here, on the date of my beloved Guru’s birthday, I am dedicating my life to reaching Enlightenment. I know if I wish to give spiritual knowledge to others, I will have to attain it myself. Until that day comes, I will serve my Guru in his mission. I am far from even really understanding what selfless service is, but I believe in Shri Mahayogi. I believe everything that he does is for others. Even his having a physical body is for others and not for himself.

Words cannot describe my love and gratitude toward the realized master. So I will show it in my actions. Hoping the Avatara will come birth after birth. To teach the unrealized and confused, to bring light into seekers’ hearts. It is a blessing to be with him. As long as I am around in the earthly realm. At any given births, I will be by your side, to serve you and all others.


Dear Shri Mahayogi,

I can’t put into words how amazed and grateful I am that you would come into this world in human form for the Divine love of others. Being trapped in a body that will age and decay, when you are already awakened & one with the ever-lasting. There is only one thing I can offer you in appreciation, which would be to follow your teachings so that I too can become Self-Realized and in turn help others to awaken to their true Self.

On November 23, your Jayanti, the Holiest Day of the year, I would like to so dedicate myself to more strictly following your teachings to truly serve Yoga and others. I promise you, my Beloved Guru, that I will commit to consistently living in a way that follows the Yama & Niyama, to renounce the ways of the World, & to always keep your words & teachings in my heart.

There is nothing I can give you self-lessly because I know even in my offering this to you, you will be giving me back the gift of your Blessings. Shri Mahayogi, thank you so much for the gift of you on this planet; & knowing I have you always & forever throughout eternity.

I am forever grateful!!!

My eternal love & loyalty to you,

Love, Labhya

This world is indeed strange. What purpose does it serve? Why am I here? The Truth is covered in ignorance just as the stars’ existence is hidden behind the brightness of the sun. Who is to lift this veil of darkness and shed light? I am filled with gratitude and joy to have One which takes this veil of darkness from my eyes which are blind.  We were made for each other. This body was made to serve You. The master and disciple is a relationship based on the ultimate love. When lost in this world I find that the only thing real is this love. Happy Birthday. Jai Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa!

Jesse S.